Let Yourself Be – Rosie


Let Yourself Be is run by Rosie who provides therapies that aid us all to live from the heart, with passion. Therapies which help us to fully be aware of, and transcend limitations, both mentally and physically.

Rosie is trained in various styles of yoga from beginners to advanced, reflexology, holistic massage, Swedish massage and Myo-facial release techniques.  She now spends her summer months practicing and training in anything ‘healing’ and her winter months based at a practice offering therapies.

There is a huge difference between being free of symptoms of ill health and achieving maximum health. Massage, reflexology and yoga all help us function at an optimal level in the body, mind and spirit.

REMFrom her Bell Tent at One Love Rosie will be offering holistic massage and reflexology. It’s very likely you will see her practicing her yoga when not giving therapies – so feel free to join in.

Rosie’s holistic massage incorporates Swedish, myo-fascial techniques, reflexology and aromatherapy.  The combination of methods will relive tension whilst aiding the body in achieving homeostasis, a perfect balanced health.  Rosie works with energy points throughout the body to help the body find a balanced state – this may be by stimulating energies, unblocking or dispersing.  The result is a greater sense of energy and well-being.

rosieyogaLike other holistic practices reflexology helps in the detoxification of the body, supporting the functioning of the immune system and supporting long term well being. Reflexology is extremely powerful and works with meridians on your feet that are directly connected to and penetrate the organs.  In a reflexology session Rosie will assist your body in balancing the energy flow and aiding the healing process of the body.

Her yoga is a dynamic and powerfully balancing style. She began practicing in Ashtanga when she was about 17 and went on to complete 200-hours teacher training in Sun Power yoga in 2012. Since, she has trained in Vinyasa Flow and advanced Forrest and has completed training courses across the UK.  This summer she is completing an intensive teacher training Forrest Yoga course in Berlin.   Her yoga style, which is suited to all levels, aims to build physical strength and bring about increased mental focus. The sequences flow from challenging balances to deep stretches, combining breath with movement to aid physical, mental and spiritual vitality.


Laugh Yourself Happy, with Peace’s Cosmic Laughter Wagon

Choose to laugh! Our laughter workshops are fun, energetic, life-affirming, enjoyable, exciting, and liberating. You’ll laugh, you’ll play, you’ll chortle, you’ll move, you’ll chuckle, you’ll dance, you’ll guffaw. If you think that sounds like a lot of laughter, you’re right. A dazzling range of games, breathing techniques, physical exercises, and guided role play- all focused, of course, on different types of laughter- will leave you breathless. Check out our video at http://goo.gl/sUWsfF, and like us on fb at http://goo.gl/nrVS9Y to see more videos and for a guaranteed 3 free laughs.

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