One Love Festival 2020 Postponed

The World faces very challenging times as everyone struggles to manage the spread and consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic

As a Festival organiser we have to consider the health, safety and welfare of the public including our own very special team of artists, staff, contractors and volunteers. The longer we delay this decision the more uncertainty we create for all our suppliers and contributors that have supported us in our endeavours over the last twelve years, so it's with a very heavy heart we sadly have to postpone One Love Festival 2020 event until the same time next year - all 2020 tickets will be valid for 2021

We were finding it very difficult to promote international acts knowing the restrictions and disruptions on air travel, accommodation, the possibilities of quarantines, and borders in EU not looking like they are going to be relaxed very soon

We fought many different fights over the years and won but heartbreakingly Corvid19 has stopped One Love in 2020

I’ve had the total pleasure and honour of bringing some of the biggest and legendary reggae artists from all over the World together - it’s been a total honour to meet reggae heroes and originators, experiencing them playing the soundtrack of our lives, live on stage, we’ve had some amazing unforgettable and proud memories and created such a amazing community - being the first and the longest ever continuous reggae event in UK and I will always be proud of that. We've had amazing times representing One Love Worldwide, building friends for life, meeting some of the warmest, caring and creative people and being so proud of creating a movement a annual space where unity, peace and love is at forefront. Seeing smiling faces and hearing happy voices of all who've experience these life memories together. So it’s with the greatest of regrets and sadness personally from what feels like a lifetime of work and dedication that a World Wide Pandemic on a unprecedented scale has stopped our One Love Festival 2020 -

All ticket holders / traders to carry over the tickets and pitches for 2021, there is nothing you need to do and we be contact with each ticket holder and trader to explain procedures for 2021

Stay safe and keep healthy