2 Kings Records Sound System
DJ / Exec Producer Andy Scholes
Live Roots Vocals : Authentic Production Style : Heavyweight Dance Music
2 Kings Records established in 1990, will be touring their Live PA “Sound System” act across the UK during 2015 entertaining a mixed audience that ranges from conscious-music-loving roots fans to anyone following the wide diversity of dub-inspired heavyweight dance forms.
With a sound built on over 25 years of recording and remixing experience on the Bristol music scene, 2 Kings continue to pioneer the UK roots sound whilst tapping into the thriving, new dub-influenced forms. 2015 will see the release of Henry & Louis’ fourth album (following Rudiments, Time Will Tell, & Increments) alongside single releases of their various stable artists, Their vault of roots vocals still inspires remixes by giants of the Dubstep scene: RSD (Rob Smith – and Pinch (PunchDrunk legend) plus a host of up-and-coming dubstep producers.

The live format is an onstage mixing desk with decks and effects, plus mics for vocalists and MCs. Audiences can expect the soaring vocal talents of artists like Peter Culture/Mc Redz to provide the perfect live complement to 2 Kings bass-heavy production sound. Andy Scholes offers his DJ-ing skills as a new dub and revival roots maestro to book-end the live set – playing unique dub plate specials, hard-to-find roots classics and the latest exclusive cuts from many of the UK’s underground roots studios.

The live show uses a formula polished during a series of well-received dates during 2014, including the Glastonbury Blues Stage. (hosted by Mungo s Hi Fi) One Love Sound Fest, and gigs in Geneva,with OBF and dates with Blood And Fire, and Don Letts.