For more than ten years, ALAM has been carrying out a musical project, based on roots reggae, in which it has added all the influences that have marked an innovative artistic career: hip-hop west coast, dub, rock, subtly mixed with reggae roots to sublimate this unique and penetrating soul voice.
On stage, the 5 musicians who accompany her, coming from different horizons, are one around her, and the magic operates from the first notes. ALAM’s only goal is to federate around its music, to convey a positive message of love, sharing, respect for mother earth, with also a healthy anger towards those who too often seek to belittle these values. , confusing the “too simple” and the essential …
It is in a true communion with ALAM that the public finishes with a raised fist, ready to take the road again, the spirit full of joy and freedom.

Alam, a young artist from the south west of France, has been leading a musical project for more than ten years. Eventhought her music comes from Roots Reggae, s

he added all the influences she encountered during an innovating carrier: Pink Floyd’s 70’s rock, West coast hip hop, mixed in a subtle cocktail that enlightens her soft soulfoul voice.
On the face of the musicians who live together, gather instantaneously for her, and the magic occurs on the first sight …
Because the only goal of this mother, is to federate around her music, to spread a message of love, sharing, respect of What is “too simple” with what is essential ..

The audience, fist in the air in total communion with the band, go back home, the full soul of joy and freedom.