The good Doctor will see you now. Half of seminal 90’s ambient duo The Orb, Alex Paterson helped define the era’s electronic music experience. Sure to bring a touch of the old school magic to the decks, and maybe even perform some dubby sonic surgery, Dr P’s set is something your health can’t afford to miss – hosting this years New woodland Stage “Natural Mystic” Alex and his WNBC Radio friends will be playing pure Reggae, Dub and Lovers Rock into the night over the weekend

Alex Paterson began his music career in the early 1980s as a roadie for the post-punk rock band Killing Joke, for whom his childhood friend Martin “Youth” Glover plays bass. After leaving Killing Joke in 1986, Paterson met future KLF member Jimmy Cautyand the duo began DJ-ing and producing music together undBaumhaus-openinger the name The Orb. Paterson and Cauty’s first release was a 1988 acid house anthem track, “Tripping on Sunshine”, released on the German record compilation Eternity Project One. The following year, the Orb released the Kiss EP, a four-track EP based on samples from New York City’s KISS FM. It was released on Paterson and Glover’s new record label WAU! Mr. Modo Records, which they created out of a desire to maintain financial independence from larger record labels. The Orb’s performances became most popular among weary DJs and clubbers seeking solace from the loud, rhythmic music of the dancefloor. The Orb built up melodies using multitrathe-orb-alexck recordings linked to multiple record decks and a mixer. The group incorporated many CDs, cassettes, and BBC sound effects into the act, often accompanied with pieces of popular dance tracks such as “Sueño Latino.”Though the group used a variety of samples, they avoided heavy rhythm and drums so that the intended ambient atmosphere was not disrupted. Most often, the group played dub and other chill-out music, which it described as ambient house for the E generation.