Bajjna is a Reggae band based in Dublin Ireland.

They have officially released 4 Singles ” Singing Like Reggae” and ” Sweet Reggae ” in 2018. This year in 2019 they have released “No no Trouble” and “Happiness”.

As a new Reggae Band Bajjna are receiving really good response from music lovers, Radios and other media that has inspired them to continue make more music. Recently they have recorded their 5th upcoming single called “Prisoner of 9 to 5” due to be released soon. They have written and working on many more songs such as “Don’t Give up”, “Jonny Boy” ETC.

The band name Bajjna was taken from a Bengoli word “Bajna” means Rythom,Strum,Drum,Performance like when someone play an instrument that produce a sound called “Bajna”. The reason behind “Bajna” spelled with double -JJ- “Bajjna” because the additional -J- is taken from Jamaica & Jah to show love and Respect to the country where Reggae music was found.