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Capital Letters Band was formed in 1972 in Wolverhampton, England, originally known as the Alphabets until they discovered another group with the same name.

The Band featured six members; Danny McKenzie (guitar/vocals), Earl Lynch (keyboards/vocals), Junior Brown (bass guitar), George Scarlett (lead guitar) and Wenty Stewart (percussion), Roderick Harvey (drums) the band went from strength to strength to achieve eminence as a outfit on the live music circuit.

In 1978 Capital Letters signed to the Greensleeves Record label, and recorded the hit single ‘Smoking My Ganja’, and later went on to perform alongside Black Slate and Sir George Hi Fi for a benefit concert in the spring of 1979.

In the summer of 1979 they embarked on a national tour, followed by a series of European concerts. They also released ‘UK Skanking’, which surpassed their debut album Headline News.

lineup now

In 1980 Capital Letters were voted the Best New Band by Black Echoes readers at the Reggae Awards show. The group also achieved a national chart placing in Spain with ‘President Amin’ which led to a second successful European tour.

capital-letters-profile-reggae-reggaetodayAfter a break from the reggae music scene Capital Letters decided to reunite and in 2015 released their third album ‘Vineyard’ under the Greensleeves/VP records label. Sadly the band has lost two of the original members, Roderick Harvey (Drums) passed away and Junior Brown has left the band.