SATTA @ MR WOLFSBorn in Cheltenham in 1993, DJ Chris Satta first fell in love with reggae music at the age of 13, after he came across one of his big brother’s prized Studio One albums. From the moment the first tune came out through the speaker, his soul was captureSATTA @ BLACK SWAN 2d & his fate as a reggae selector was sealed!

Growing up in Cheltenham was not a natural environment for a reggae selector like Satta, and he would often find himself having to persuade the local record shops to stock reggae albums specially for him!

Since moving to Bristol in 2012 Satta has established himself as one of the city’s most loved reggae DJs, and this is down to his unique energy behind the decks and his ability to read the crowd. He is also instrumental in supporting upcoming artists and has become Satta Pic 3

The work never stops for Chris Satta, and if he’s not nicing up a Bristol session or hosting one of his Top Ranking parties, then he will most probably be cooking up a new mixtape, hosting his radio show, or sourcing some new musical ammunition! Catch Satta playing in between acts on the One Love St10392278_4781679916305_4686121386666925699_nage 4-6pm