Dan Wiltshire –  One Love Festival Promoter –

Seasoned DJ and One Love Festival Promoter, Dan Wiltshire has been spinning vinyl for over two decades. A real DJ’s identity lives within their collection, and Dan Wiltshire is no exception. One of his rare skills is how this sound boy moves his audience. His collection is like a box of rare jewels; first press vinyl and rare dub plates with an open heart for new sounds. He creates the balance between quality rare gem vinyl and new fresh music that he knows his audience needs to hear.

His reggae roots started early. Losing his dad at only ten years of age, he luckily discovered the music of the late great Bob Marley. Hearing the message of morality and interconnectivity within Marley’s conscious music guided him to a more positive path through his teens and reggae has helped and accompanied him through university, learning the ropes within the music industry and still now as a seasoned DJ and successful festival director of the only camping reggae festival in the UK.

Witnessing Dan will remind you of how great reggae should be, as he spins his deep roots dub vinyl 7 inch set. Dan’s collection speaks for itself, you’ll find yourself deeply moved by it’s lineage and unable to stop your body skanking and spirit from being moved.

DJ Sets dropped at: One Love Festival, Glastonbury Festival, Goa Sunsplash, DogStar, Plan B including guest DJ sets at venues around the UK including London and tours to Ibiza, India with a new tour to Bali, Singapore and Hong Kong coming up later this year.


One Love Festival 2016 Dan Wiltshire with MC Temper





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Dan Wiltshire – Glastonbury Festival 2013