Diana Suemi – International life coach, consultant, mentora nd  author of unique programs of Sacred Sites Travels, the Founder of the International  Charitable Movement Field of Love in 15 countries, the author of the method “How to create Mandala of successful life”, a special guest of TV programs in Europe, the US and Latin America, a participant of international festivals and conferences about  health and personal development topics.
Diana helps women and men to deal with health problems, relationships and abundance more than 25 years. To create harmony in relationships, to develop their talents and maximize the use of their resources. From 2008 Diana is involved in charitable projects to support poor and sick women and children, victims of acts of terrorism and violence, supporting and healing projects for enviroment. Diana’s mission – to help espatially women to believe in themselves, to fulfill themselves and be happy! Diana Suemi provides series of workshops, seminars and retreats all over the World to solve stress, health and family problems. Diana Suemi has opened her super powers at Tibet, at Kailas, where she went with high purpose to pray for millions of people.

Founder and creator of esoteric tours world-wide project to Places of Power in India, Tibet, Egypt, Cyprus, Mexico etc.

Author of “Creating a successful life mandala” methodology,

Master of energy purification and orotaction sciences.

Guest on TV-programs in Russia, Spain, Germany, USA, Mexico

Со-organizer of international festivals: Women Art Festival (Moscow, 2010), Festival of Ethno-cultures (USA, 2012), The Conference on Women Rights protection (Spain, 2012)

Degrees in economics, psychology and business administration

Hereditary white witch and shaman

15 years personal experience closely working with Masters and Shamans in India, Siberia, Tibet

We are here to co-create vibrant community of Field of Love and heart-based collaboration through conscious art, ceremony, health, sustainability, spirituality, music and unification of all people. We are a global tribe unified by the wisdom of the heart’s intelligence deliberating individual and collective transformation into higher frequencies of purposeful, regenerative and unified living.

More about Diana’s bio can read here: https://myfieldoflove.com/2019/06/24/diana-suemi-biography/