Roots & Dub soundsystem dance culture Istanbul.

Established in 2007, we are a soundsystem based in Turkey called Dread Culture and we also produce our dubs under the name Komadub. We can both make a dubplate session and selections. We travel 2-3 people depending on the act, one live mix operator and one MC. We would love to contribute.

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We played in all the related festivals in Turkey, and played in some clubs/fests in Croatia and Germany.Crew consists of Selekta Firuzaga, Omni D. and Alphadub.
Since 2007, DCSS is holding events like venus Marakesh, Nayah, Dogzstar, Clinic, Pixie, Peyote, Babylon Lounge.

Starting their dub journey at the bands Dolaylari and Smile Resistance, Komadub was founded by Hybrid K. and Zaffah in 2010. After the contribution of Selekta Firuzaga (Dread Culture Soundsystem) in 2011, they decided to collect their musical experience on this album called “Derinbaz”.