Elephant Step

Elephant step is a multicultural band and one of the only bands that mixes reggae roots with African percussions.

Thanks to their new album that was produced by the internationally renamed Roberto Sanchez from A-lone Ark Productions the band has become one of the most promising bands in the reggae scene worldwide.

Their new 2017 album “Plant thismaxresdefault Garden“ will undoubtedly have a strong impact in the “Back to the roots” movement that is developing more and more in Jamaica USA and Europe as well as it will replenish the Conscious Reggae lovers with new, fresh and original vibes.

Their strong Lyrics, heavy groove and uniqueness will not pass unnoticed.

The Show

Their show is made 100% of own compositions and with a great diversity of the reggae dynamics roots, rockers/steper, nyabingi, dubwise and also African percussions.maxresdefault-1

An unstopable energy that promises dance to any kind of audience.


Since its beginning in 2013 the band has not stopped performing gigs being many of this in one of the main showrooms in Barcelona, Sala Barts, cooperating with many internationally famous reggae artists such as Clinton Fearon, Groundation and numerous local artists .

The band has quickly built a strong loyal and international audience that waits anxiously for their new album “Plant This Garden”

Manager: Michael O`KEEFE -0034 698531881

Members de la banda: Hugo Otto- voice/guitar/percu

Philippa Otto – vocals

Juana Gaitan – voice/guitar

Nicolas de la Pava -drumkit

Edoardo Virtu –percu

Miquel Ubach – Bass

Oscar Raya –keyboard