Empress Lyan -S   aka Samantha Lewis 

Aged 5, Lyan-S started singing for the sheer pleasure in her local church. At secondary school, she was successful in all musical productions and while at the same time attending a dance school, she found her ability and love for performing on stage. In later years, she was to join a music course in ‘ world and popular music’, working closely with vocal coach Sarah Love who also ran a female vocal choir of which Lyan. S was a member. Singing songs from all around the choir consisted of 30 women from different backgrounds and various parts of the world. The group was called ‘Song lines’. Lyan. S began working closely with ‘The Triangle Music

 Workshop’, who were running classes for young people, teaching rudiments of live instruments; bass guitar, kit drum, keyboards, percussion and electric and acoustic guitar. Lyan. S joined one of the youth bands for a while, but the strength of her vocals insisted she go in another direction. Her band was formed and for the next five years she dedicated her time to studio recording, re

hearsals, vocal training, composition sessions and live shows with her band known as ‘Natural Instinct’. After a break of more than nearly ten years to raise her family, she is currently pursuing her interests as a singer/songwriter and is back in the studio, working with ‘Contentio Music’ as an

 artist on some exciting and lively new musical projects. Watch this space! I am also part of the Contentnio Music movement and voluntariiy offer my expertise as a Multimedia Director.