Extinction Rebellion Stage

Talks, Workshops, Lectures and Music all weekend

Extinction Rebellion Stage Talks and Workshops including:
Heading for Extinction,
How Civil Disobedience Works,
What is Regenerative Culture?
Orlando Seale – Full Fathom Five,
Roger Hallam on Extinction Rebellion:What It Has Achieved and What’s Next,
Decolonising Environmentalism,
Xr Youth – Role of the Youth Voice,
Future Environment: ‘deep Adaptation’. Getting Real About the Climate Apocalypse,
People’s Assembly, Yoga/pilates/meditation,
Xr 101,
Future Environment: How Does It All Fall Apart?
Systems Collapse:,
How Our Civilisation Will Disintegrate,
Demand 3: What is Sortition/citizens Assembly?,
Demand 2: the Route to Rapid, Decarbonisation.
Heading for Extinction,
Mock Citizen’s Assembly,
Imagining the Future,
Derek’s Mojo,
Amorphous Horse,
Hip Hop Karaoke,
People’s Assembly,