Flame Lily Arts is aprofessional cultural performing arts company based in the United Kingdom.

The group was formed in 2009 out of a shared passion for entertaining audiences around the world with the culture and traditions of southern Africa. We do this through lively dance
and harmonious singing; delicately intertwining the traditional with the contemporary.

Flame Lily Arts specialises in a variety of southern African dances including Isitshikitsha, Ingquzu and Muchongoyo from the Ndebele culture; Mhande and Mbakumba from the Shona culture; Indlamu from the Zulu culture; Setapa from the Tswana culture; and Pantsula and Gumboot, which can be seen all over southern Africa.14714530_502874533254016_7050699509470330880_n
We sing traditional songs in four-part, Mbube-style harmony, with drumming, traditional shakers, marimba and mbira to accompany the music. Our songs come primarily from Zimbabwe, South Africa and Botswana – and the languages we sing in include isiNdebele, chiShona, isiXhosa, isiZulu and seTswana.

All members of Flame Lily Arts have been actively involved in arts and culture for the majority of their lives, and continue to do so with great passion and dedication.

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