Name : HEAVY HONG KONG feat. Mousefx and Jado 

Heavy Hong Kong crew is headed by Blood Dunza and has been pushing the sounds of bass heavy inspired vibrations. From taking over beaches to top of the town, Heavy HK is prominent and quintessential to the local music development for over 14 years and counting. After championing Reggae in Hong Kong, Heavy HK has been working hard promoting Reggae events throughout 40 cities in Mainland China. Proudly presenting and representing China’s finest vocalists, with Cantonese Roots Reggae Singer “MOUSEFX” and Shanghainese Raggamuffin soldier “JADO”.

MouseFX (Hong Kong) is a Roots Reggae Cantonese singer and an iconic figure to South China’s music scene. Forming various historical bands in his local scene, including Sensi Lion, his conscious lyrics reflects political climate of Hong Kong, combining smiles with tears. MouseFX has topped charts in Italy with a collaboration tune “Baby Fan Ying” on the widely acclaimed “Stand To Order” by J Star.

Rastafari world wide

Baby Fan Ying 

JADO (Shanghai) is an original fast style Chinese Reggae Dancehall MC and a major figure in China’s Reggae Dancehall community. Through witnessing things take shape all around China and Asia, he has mastered a class of hosting in his own language and recently released a chart topping collaboration with J Star. Jado is a sure Fiya starter! 


Real Life