1184852_496017440489089_1323454627_nIration Steppas ft  Macky Banton 

are one of the top dubwise outfits in the world, and a firm favourite of One Love Festival – initially starting out as a soundsystem in the 90’s they focused primarily on spinning dubplates before venturing into their own productions.Following in the footsteps of the sound systems that inspired him, Mark Iration, with partner Dennis Rootical, has moulded and crafted a very personal Iration Steppas vibe, a particular st

montageyle that has grown to be internationally recognised as one of the best on the block.

Having played out all over the world from USA to Japan and spearheading the introduction of the dub scene to Leeds through their own flagship night Subdub, it is guaranteed that these boys will bring th e noise in a big way.


In 1990, that glorious summer of World Cup football and authority-baiting raves, something else was delivered unto the world. It was the year that a new sound-system emerged onto the underground scene of Leeds and its name was Iration Steppas. It’s been a major force ever since. While deeply steeped in the heritage of sound-system culture, its gaze has always been firmly fixed on the future, the two-man tag teairation-steppas-01m’s techno-flecked dub creations look beyond the horizon. Theirs is not the sound of tomorrow. It’s the sound of next century. Or even further, as their company slogan suggest: “playin’ dubz inna year 3000 style”. The pair – Mark Iration and Dennis Rootical – have rattled foundations and shaken dancefloors the world over, from Tokyo to Toulouse. Now it’s the turn for them to return to One Love with much anticipation