Birmingham UK born Indian music producer brothers Simon and Diamond present IRIE (International Reggae Indian Experience), a new live hybrid DJ and music performance with guest vocalists and visual projections. For three decades, the brothers have been world leaders in the fusion of reggae and Indian music influencing
a whole generation of artists, producers and performers. IRIE aims to take this exciting blend of reggae and Indian music around the globe as a live performance, bringing newcultural experiences to diverse audiences.
UK Reggae/Indian Fusion
The Jamaican and Indian cultures of Birmingham UK have made it a fertile birthplace for the experimentation of a new musical style which has gone on to have a global influence over the past three decades. British reggae and bhangra music are both steeped in a rich heritage of culture. From births to weddings to the diaspora experience, both genres share the influences of tradition, displacement and identity that have resonated within their communities and wider audiences. The diversity in Birmingham has created a musical melting pot, which continues to boil with the adoption of new influences from current trends, pushing
boundaries forward and creating a new legacy for future generations.

Simon-and-DiamondAbout Simon & Diamond Simon and Diamond are the pioneering DJ producer brothers from Birmingham, UK responsible for the reggae dancehall bhangra sound created for Apache Indian. Their unique production blend of Indian and Jamaican music created a worldwide phenomenon with the tracks Movie Over India, Arranged Marriage and Chok There. The brothers have gone on to produce artists including Maxi Priest, Dillinger, Steel Pulse, Sly and Robbie, Janet Kaye and even Shania Twain. Simon and Diamond’s new project IRIE (International Reggae Indian Experience) takes the brother’s unique production to the stage as a hybrid DJ performance of live mixes, mashups and visuals

The Sound and Visuals IRIE is a new live hybrid DJ and music performance mixing reggae dancehall and dub with bhangra and bollywood music. Simon and Diamond’s unique production is a cross-cultural journey between the rhythms, melodies and lyrics of Jamaican and Indian music. Using laptop sequencers, MIDI controllers, DJ mixing and live instruments, IRIE will feature collaborations with guest vocalists and musicians from the locality of each performance. IRIE also features live video projections of digital animation, motion graphics and Jamaican and Indian imagery synchronized to the music. IRIE is an innovative improvised experience bringing the essence of British Jamaican and Indian cultures together in a unique and exciting way. The Future IRIE aims to create an audio and visual experience that a young and diverse audience can connect with. Musical tastes around the globe continue to change, influenced by the fast moving world of digital content via social media access to the widest plethora of music genres, all available at the touch of a button. People are constantly looking for something different and continuously look for the ‘next new sound.’ Culture has also moved on, it is transient, vibrant and takes on new influences and reinterprets, merging, growing and constantly redefining and reinventing it. IRIE thrives on the edge of this progressive new digital global musical and visual wave.