Jah Lion Movement are a roots & dub sound system and are a collective of 4 members from the Reading area. Jah Lion Movement started off in the early 90’s when Skully Roots formed is own sound after leaving Raiders Sound System, another big sound from the Reading area in the 80’s. Since then Jah Lion has gained another 3 members – Dub D who held his own resisdency at the Iguana Bar in Reading and was invited to become part of Jah Lion Movement though his passion of roots and dub music, also at the same time Akuji Warrior became a member again for his passion and his input into the roots and dub scene, by producing dub plates unique to Jah Lion Movement, and the most recent member is Roots Titus who joined Jah Lion from Regal Echo Sounds with his speciallity in revive roots and dub. Over the years Jah Lion Movement have gained a large following and have played all over the U.K and Europe.