“JAH SUFFERER SOUND….came from Battersea but played in the club called (METRO) in Ladbroke Grove in the 70’s..Well every friday night sufferer would pull up outside of metro in 2 vans & unload the sound (Dennis Bovell was the main selector along with Natty). each friday there would be a guest sound they would come from all over england to play SUFFERER & try to beat him.. DENNIS BOVELL would string up his sound & start playing by 7.30. Dennis would start playing plastic untill about 9pm. then just before 9 he would tell the crowed that he was going to play the last plastic then he would open his DUB BOX & Start playing dub plates. he would play dubs with SUFFERER name in them.. alot of sounds came there but NONE of them could handle SUFFERER.. Lord Koos came one night & Sufferer gave him a beating & told koos that his sound sounded like a frying pan. Fat Man from North London with RIBBS the selector came one friday he was good & played well. they played 2 cuts of the tune called Margret one Bongo drum cut & a sci-fi cut. fatman’s people hit the roof. a Bottle was thrown into fatmans corner. Dennis told fatman that Sufferer was not going to pay him for playing that night but would give him 10 pence for there bus fair to go back to north london. Sufferer then played a Horns cut to Margret (place went wild). Lord David from Battersea with (BERIS BASSA) the selector came one night.. Beris kept on telling the crowed that David the owner was on the way back from jamaica with some new dubs & what he was going to do to SUFF. nuff crowed was there later on that night (BERIS) say’s that David is outside of Metro when David came in he gave Beris 2 Transco dub boxes & Beris started to play out of them.. i will never forget this Beris played foggy road by Burning spear. when he finished playing Sufferer played it back on him & asked him if that was what he was going on about. then Dennis played a Trombone cut to it all hell broke loose.. in 1974/75 when Jah Shaka came to play SUFFERER. That was a dance. everyone was talking bout this sound called shaka who was going around & killing alot of the sound around. the week before shaka came to metro he had gone to 4 aces & Beat up count shelly anyway shaka comes to metro the place was packed i had never herd shaka so did not know how he sounded. well i was shocked he played & sound like Sufferer we knew then that Sufferer had a Battle on his hands. it was tune for tune that night oh man was this sound going to do what no other sound had never done. Suff was playing tunes like (Bring the couchie come/ African Train/aint got no soul today) & many more hit tunes but shaka was playing them back with deffrent cuts. what a night. there was a tune call (Release your Daughter) well Sufferer had a cut called Release your music when he played that the place just went mad. shaka played a tune call (Dread out deh when he did that Sufferer played a cut of that tune called (Jacket) by jimmy Riley & then played a hornes cut place went crazy. shaka then played tune call (hey girl come & get it shaka’s got it). by the end of the dance Sufferer was playing some wicked horn’s tune shaka could not beat him… Sir Coxsone was billed to come to metro to play Sufferer but coxsone did not turn up.. Anyway in 1977 Sufferer one friday night Sufferer left metro after playing & went to a club called Burtons in cricklewood to play a all night session with TROJAN. That night the police raided Burtons & thats when the Sufferer man them got arested ( Dennis Bovell spent 6 months in prison that was the start of the down fall of (JAH SUFFERER SOUND). After that Pebbles took over the sound & played it all over london soon after that they sold out the sound to some youth’s in Ladbroke Grove….