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Jamie Buckley Saysell (born 24th July 1965) infamously known as Jamie Irie, was born in Cheltenham and raised in the multi-cultural heart of Gloucester in England. From a young age, Jamie had a passion for music. Heavily influenced by his love of Jamaican dance-hall and reggae music, he grew up listening to the likes of Big Youth, Tappa Zukie and Mighty Diamonds. Jamie became friends with many industry professionals, namely artists such as Daddy Freddy, Tenor Fly, Sir Coxsone HIFI and the late Ivanhoe Campbell from Severn Sound radio to name a few. It was not long before Jamie was penning and recording tracks of his own. By 1994 Jamie was living in America, during this time he had begun performing live and started touring. He quickly found himself rising to fame as he worked with some of the top names in the dance hall and reggae scene, both in New York & Jamaica. Jamie also worked with the label ‘Iron Mike’, owned by famous heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson while living in America.

While establishing his career, Jamie went to live in Kingston Jamaica, where he used his experiences and influences to hone his skills. He has performed on the mighty Stone Love sound & Bodyguard sound – two of the top sound systems in Jamaica. Jamie also spent a period performing with well-known Jamaican artists like Shaggy, Elephant Man, Ninja Man, Buju Banton and Chuck Fender. In 1995/96, he toured Jamaica doing PA’s performing on top reggae stage shows such as Sting 96 and was called back to perform again at Sting 2004, Reggae Sun Splash, Red Stripe Tour ’95, etc, and also performed in all the inner city areas in Kingston. Jamie also appeared on Jamaica’s CMTV and many other cable stations. It was at this time that Jamie worked with Jamaican producer/superstar Sly Dunbar and released tracks on the Sonic Sound Label, and also with Computer Paul, 7 17 Marshall [Mr Fender] and Don One in New York. Across the international waters, Jamie achieved chart success with his tracks ‘M.16’ and ‘Sweet Sensimilla’ featuring Jigsy King in 1996/97. Unfortunately, Jamie’s time abroad was cut short after having to return back to the UK to deal with emergency family matters.

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Knowing he still wanted to pursue his career, Jamie started his climb back to fame by building his own studio, where he wrote and produced the album ‘Words Can Be So Simple’ with Europe’s number one reggae band – House of Riddim. While embarking on the journey back to fame, he draws on his experiences, which he uses as inspiration to pen the lyrics of his songs and portray the messages in his music. Whilst producing the album, Jamie observed the recent change in the industry and the musical tastes of the modern youth, which led to him collaborating with numerous Drum and Bass/Jungle producers like R-Cola, Aries, Serial Killaz, Cabin Fever & Jamie Bostran, but still managed to keep in line with his Reggae roots. By 2009, Jamie was touring the UK and various European countries such as Latvia and Lithuania with one of the above mentioned Drum and Bass producers (R-Cola) on the ‘Irie Cola Tour’, which was a blend of both original roots reggae and Jungle music. Jamie then went on to tour Italy with the legendary UK reggae acts Aswad and Misty In Roots.

The single ‘Words Can Be So Simple’ (taken from the album of the same title), went to Number 4 in the Italian DJ Gustma T reggae chart, and was also released on vinyl as a D&B remix, which featured a remix of “Sweet Sensimilla” – again by R-Cola . Also on digital download, the track ‘Legalise’ – also taken from the ‘Words…’ album – got a R-Cola remix, that went straight in at 39 in Irish dance charts. Jamie also came with a release with GMC PRODUCTIONS – a ‘soundbwoy’ killing tune called ‘My Sound’ that hit Number Ten in the DJ Gustma T charts. This tune got a remix courtesy of UK Number One drum & bass duo Serial Killaz – which was also accompanied with a video.

The album was well received and the title track ‘Words Can Be So Simple’ got a brand new remix by Aries and also got re-voiced as a duet with UK legendary artist Daddy Freddy. This was released as part of an EP featuring other great artists such as Jah Mason, Carlton Livingstone, Pad Anthony, Zareb, as well as the House of Riddim Band on Saysell Music – Jamie’s own record label. A brand new release and video on Dubwise Station followed, with a track called ‘2 B’ with AB20 and remixes courtesy from Issac Maya, Ustone, Viniselecta, and overdubs by IDavid. Jamie is also working close with the Yard Rock crew’s Marvelous Cain and has a brand new release out soon called the ‘Yard Rock Anthem’.

2013 was a busy year for Jamie touring and doing live PA’s with the Yardrock Crew and DJ Scotty from UrbanFront in Europe and UK. Places like Sub Club Bratislava in Slovakia – where along with Slovakia’s very own DJ FatSound, smashed the ‘Nuclear Shelter’ to pieces and gave Slovakia one of is most energetic shows they had ever seen, Loop Club Essentials in Nuremberg, Germany, where he did a live pa alongside the Monsters of Jungle crew and totally dominated the crowd with a great one hour set, Beats for Love Festival in Ostrava, Czech Republic, The Big Chill in London, UK, Dubwise Station Basement 45 in Bristol, Fantasia at Club Motion in Bristol, Dirty Knees, Moon Club in Cardiff, Wales to name but a few.

The brand new album from Jamie ‘NAH GIVE UP’ with producer IDavid is set to be released  Jan 13 2014.

“Irie is a lively energetic entertaining crowd pleasing total professional” – Marvellous Cain (Yard Rock)

“Every time I’ve seen Jamie perform, it’s just pure energy and enthusiasm” – Serial Killaz

“Jamie brings the vibes to the dancefloor and beyond!!!” – Nicky Black Market