After years of writing and playing solo gigs, John finally decided to put a band together. And so The Highlys were born, through friendships, musical acquaintances and… gumtree! The band quickly got a feel for the positive messages John was sending through his words and the sound created is one that only a musical family could come up with it. Bringing soul, gospel, blues and West-African influences to John’s raw reggae vocals helped the music to grow and evolve. And now, we’re ready to show the world our sound.john_blood_and_the_middle_27431

John Blood & The Highlys is a band that blends reggae with different moods and vibrations from around the world. The band itself is a blend of individuals from different backgroundsScreen-Shot-2016-05-26-at-16.09.28 and cultures, coming together for the love of music. Expressed in different rhythms, sounds, and melodies, their message is one of love and nothing but love.

In 2010, John began forming a band that is now a 6-piece outfit. The band has performed mainly in London and at some festivals around the UK and now, they are ready to take their sound to the four corners of the UK and beyond. As for the name JOHN BLOOD & THE HIGHLYS… Well JOHN is from ‘John Doe’, BLOOD is what we all have in common and the HIGHLYS, well we feel highly blessed to be able to do what we do. Yuh see it dey!!!