Born in Birmingham in 1969 and growing up in the Midlands, Juggler P was first introduced to reggae music through the Two Tone movement of the 80’s which led to an interest in the works of the Jamaican originators who inspired the cover versions of The Specials, The Beat, The Selector, etc.  An instant love of the reggaJuggler Pe beat kicked off a Jamaican music collection which continues to grow some 35 years later.

As he grew older, and inspired by the sounds of the pirate radio stations broadcasting from out of Birmingham, an interest in sound system culture and Jamaica in general resulted in the decision to ‘go a Yard’ to experience the culture first hand. Living for periods in Mo Bay, Negril and Kingston, Juggler P spent many nights and weekends hanging out at music stores, dances, sound clashes and live stage shows.

Upon his return to the UK, he has since DJ’d at clubs, parties and dances over many years and currently performs as a selector on the Royal Roots sound system based in Leamington Spa.