12742175_10208623553969638_2919099760907966859_n    Junior Dread

Emerging from the ghettos of São Paulo, Brazil, Carlos Cresio aka Junior Dread, first appeared on the Brazilian reggae scene in 1998, recording & touring with the band Reggae Style. Recognised for his natural talent & authentic, Marley-esque vocal tones, Junior Dread soon began to touring internationally, performing in Japan, Australia, New Zealand & Europe and recording with labels such as Scotch Bonnett, Gorgon Sound & Cubiculo Records. Junior Dread recently started working with Reality Shock, with the first single “No War”, and the label Donsome Records from Jamaica, with the single “Sunshine” alongside his wife Negra Li, the most famous of R&B and Hip Hop in Brazil. Now Junior Dread prepares the release of his first official album “Saiba Viver”, produced by Junior Marvin and his guitar, the legendary guitarist of Bob Ma

1937071_10208475721633922_8622056593505729542_nrley & the Wailers and producer of the century´s album “Exodus.” The Junior Marvin’s presence in the studio brought the vibration of the whole ‘The Wailers’ school, which songs are success throughout the world for its strength and originality. “I went to Brazil to record with Junior Dread with the will to make a new ‘Exodus’. When we started recording, the vibes and the energy have returned me to the times with Bob. The songs are extremely well made and JuniorDreadporBrunoMonteiro1080take up classical references of reggae, but have a youthful vigor. The messages of the lyrics are strong. The sound is fresh, organic, while it is rooted. The album is fascinating”, says Junior Marvin