Dawta’s of Aya are a young, Brazilian, female, reggae, sound system vocal group from Sao Paulo. Consisting of a dub poet, a singer and an MC. Their vocals are soulful and poetic calls to action, calling for equal rights and justice for women. At home, in Sao Paulo, all three girls are social activists, working relentlessly for equality for women inside Brazilian society. They 

are all artists in their own right, and have recently formed this vocal trio to form a united female front in the male dominated Brazilian reggae sound system culture. 

Kibir La Amlak is no stranger to the world of Reggae and Dub! He has be runnin

g sound systems, studios and record labels for 15 years, has toured the globe performing his live du

b show, and has a vast discography of records on his own and other labels. 

The two outfits met by chance in Sao Paulo and the connection was instant and strong! The mix of bass oriented live dub mixing with Brazilian Portuguese poetry, signing and MC’ing is a very unique and powerful show.