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As the name suggests this is music with a message. Last Tree Squad play a unique blend of reggae-dub-hip-hop played by a roots band (drums, bass, melodica, world percussion) that incorporates elements of live electronic dance music (KORG Triton, KORG Kaossilator, Dub Sirens, Signal generators, BOSS Dr. Sample, Vintage FX). Vocalists BDS and Bhima add chants, rhymes and spoken word to bring a conscious, but sometimes raw edge to the music. The band features veteran members who have toured the UK and Europe extensively as well as fresh talented younger musicians. 12356943_529573080539232_8564716176629908431_oAside from writing, performing and creating music, the band aims to produce lower impact, ecologically-minded CD packaging, digital releases and merchandising. Last Tree Squad seek to increase awareness of Eco-issues, and encourage positive social changes. As well as full vocal sets LTS can perform a instrumental-led dub set, and even a fully acoustic showcase.