We an unsigned band from Nottingham England specialising in reggae. Our singer and songwriter Lisa has being singing and performing publicly since age 16.

We are a local Nottingham band who goes by the name Lisa Hendricks and the Project-Us Band. We are in the main a reggae band known for doing covers and our own material most of which are written by our singer songwriter Lisa Hendricks. We have performed at local and national events since coming together in 2012.

As a solo artist, Lisa is a Nottingham born singer-songwriter who started her musical career when she joined a local gospel choir at the age of 15 years old.

She later spent a decade touring with a reggae band “Brio” throughout the Midlands.

In  2012 Lisa became a solo artist with the “Project-us Band”, promoting conscious lyrics, peace, positivity and raising awareness of current issues affecting our communities, our society and at large, our world. 

Our music reflects our personality and most importantly our roots and culture, and have strongly bought into the concept of Bob Marley “when music hits, you feel no pain”.

In addition to the links below of events both as a band and as a solo act, please find attached two of our latest studio recording from our recent EP “Long Time Eyes Open” which is out on I Tunes and please find attach a brief mix of originals and covers.  

We look forward to hearing from you and promise that if we are successful in our expression of interest to perform at your event, we will not disappoint you and your audience.