Worldwide play outs, an extensive collection of original mixes and noted as one of the most recognisable sound systems in entertainment in the UK


Based in Huddersfield and Jamaica, this creative team of over 5 deejays, selectors and emcees has dedicated over a decade of tireless work to establish themselves as the offical “Ministers of the Music”. Little sample has progressed from medicore sound equipment and self set ups at events to creating an empire. Employing a staff and technical workforce and boasting the latest and most competitive sound technology and equipment on the market.  Vetren members Iceman, Nicky P, Big Mac, Bashment and Mad Dawg . They have spent years building and strengthening the Little Sample Family – They are now expanding and looking to welcome a host of new musical talents to the sound. The versatility and energy of the new members combined with the skills and knowledge of the veterans revitalise the party scene in any Country.  Thew addition of the this young talent to the family will enhance the Little Sample Legacy and ensure the music remains for generations to come, Little Sample are know to be the Ultimate Crowd Pleaser, delivering old and new dancehall original and live mixes and impressive dub plates. Little Sample unique capability to captive their audiences with each set comes from not limiting themselves and always to create addictive party