OriginaScreen shot 2016-03-19 at 09.36.04ted in 1979 as BLACK HEART, gaining experience playing all over the U.K. Their message being one of culture. They toured every main city in England from formation through to 1985. In doing this they won a variety of awards. The individuals of the crew have played the big sounds such as: Jungle man; Sir Coxson; Shaka; Wassifa and Saxon studio and gained most of their experience from these sounds.

The crowning glory of performances for Black Heart came in 1985 when they played at the annual Glastonbury festival. They dealt with Heavy roots / Rockers music as inspired by Bunny Wailer.

FORMATION OF LOVE Screen shot 2016-03-19 at 09.36.47EXPRESS
In 1986, there was a name change from Black Heart to Love Express. This occurred due to a number of reasons, the main one being the image of the sound which needed to be raised in keeping with cultural aspirations of the members of the
sound. At this time there was a change in style and lyrics of Reggae music from roots, culture, truths and rights to slackness and gun shot.




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Love Express have had the opportunity to work with a variety of well known artistes and are proud to hold dub plates featuring : Luciano; Dennis Brown; Maxi Priest; Pato Banton; Third world; Frankie Paul; Alton Ellis; Tippa Irie; Buju Banton and John Holt, to mention just a few! !
These artistes were recorded in Jamaica at King Tubbys, King Jammys, Tuff Gong, Arrows and Youth man promotions. Various work has been undertaken in New York and Miami, also various local Birmingham studios have been utilised eg. Rich Bitch.

Love Express are highly influential in their local vicinity and examples of their acclaim are carnival that they have played at : Bristol, Leicester and Birmingham. In 1988 all these carnivals were covered by Love Express.
Love express were crowned as “DANCEHALL RASTA KINGS” going up against Love Injection (No. I England sound at the time) and beating them in a dub for dub
sound clash in 1995.

Following this tScreen shot 2016-03-19 at 09.56.33hey entered the WEST MIDLANDS SOUND CLASH where they won two out of four cups: “BEST SOUND QUALITY” and “BEST ENTERTAINMENT SOUND”. They played off four sounds to achieve these titles.
Moving in a positive direction they went on to a tour of U.S.A. and played KING Addis (No. I world sound) in up-state New York and much respect and recognition was gained for Love Express from  King Addis selector, “Babyface” and the crew.

At this point there was a major rise in fortune and recognition for Love Express. These sound brethren ,Went on to play every carnival (Birmingham, Bristol, Leicester, Leeds and London) from Feb 1996 to July 1997.
The crew have moved into a more commercial business venture by becoming the only Black agents of S.S.E. Ltd P.A. company. From this venture and the high class P.A. equipment it has given Love Express access to, and they now engineer all big Black Reggae artistes evolving from Jamaica and New York, such as Luciano, Coco Tea, Beres Hammond, Barrington Levi and Buju Banton. They have just completed a U.K. tour with Buju Banton, engineering and equipping every show.

LOVE EXPRESS  will evolve and expand on their expertise in future endeavours with a positive vibe, a growing audience and emerging talent which is what will keep

In 1998- 2006 love Express was in retirement stage. two of the main sound meScreen shot 2016-03-19 at 09.37.29mber Father Asher the manager & mikes man, sense the operator and engineer of the sound retired from playing the sound. Benjy the selector went on to play music on radio. Terry the Engineer went on to work full-time with S.S.E hire company, working on some big shows and festivals.

In 2006 commissioner Benjy brought the sound back on the road and Love Express had there own resident place (The CRISTAL SUITE ) to play every weekend, from then up to now Love Express has played a wave of dances and clash’s from then till now some of the most memorable dances are