Mackabee Studio International ..originated from the city of Coventry 35 yrs ago playing original roots & culture, rub a dub & Dub plate specials

A sound crew who were all brought up & went to school in Coventry. The original members were & still are:Daddy Sly,Mikey Magic, K.T, Bushdoctor, Redda Crucial, Observer, abbey Kelly & Nelson Irie..later to be joined by Sal and Errol Judah

The first time Mackabee Studio played out as a sound system in a big dance was July 23rd 1980 at Coventry University in a three way sound clash & Mackabee Studio has been playing ever since right up  to this very day.


Mackabee Studio has played in nearly every City & Town in England and has clashed against other big sound systems such as: Sir Coxsone, Jah Tubbys, Saxone Studio, Java, Unity, Luv injection, V Rocket & Sovereign to name but a few, currently listed & recognised on the official sound system map of England

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