Manudigital – Coming from a family of musicians, Manudigital started bass at the age of thirteen, accompanied by his two guitar brothers.
He joined his first reggae band “Jharmony” in 1994, where he discovered the stage and the audience. Joining other groups, he made his debut on the Yvelines stages.
Attracted by Jamaican culture and his profusion of styles and shapes, ManuDigital decides to bring his own Sound System “Digital Sound” with his family. He occupies Selecteur’s place and has proved his worth for more than four years in a weekly radio show dedicated to reggae “Ragga Addiction” on radio RVVS 96.2 FM .
At the age of 19,

In addition to his training, ManuDigital accompanies live the biggest names in French-speaking reggae, whether he’s on stage or behind his instrument like Tonton David, Daddy Nuttea, Brahim, Fefe Typical, Big Red, and asserts himself as a professional bassist .

Also composer, he participated in the recording of many albums, singles, international and French-speaking singles. Mélomane and versatile, it evolves during the encounters in many musical styles allowing him to skim the biggest French scenes. In 2010, he entered as a bassist in an internationally acclaimed group “Babylon Circus”, where he performed in 25 countries as part of the “Belle Etoile” tour.

As of 2012 ManuDigital is increasingly becoming a member of the reggae community as a composer “Riddim Maker”. He creates concepts like the Digital Session   where the beatmaker is surrounded by French and international artists like Pupajim, General Levy and Soom T, on a riddim played with the mythical “Sleng Teng Keyboard” (Casio MT40).

At the end of 2013, after having produced songs for Biga * Ranx as “Storm Dance” on the album “Good Morning Midnight “, they set off on tour throughout France. In 2014 ManuDigital continues with the production of the third album of Biga * Ranx “NightBird” and continues to scour the scenes of France and the biggest festivals . Meanwhile, ManuDigital is very active in the studio and composes numerous albums and single for labels such as: X Ray Production, Baco Records, Flash Hit Records, Jamafra Records Tiger Records, Iris Ites, Greatest Friends, ….

Thanks to his know-how ManuDigital collaborates with international reggae names like Sizzla, Jah Mason, Skarra Mucci, General Levy, Mr Perfect, Turbulence, Bush Man, Lt Stitchi, Papa Michigan, Jah Vinci, Chezidek, Queen Omega …


2015 marks a turning point in the career of Manudigital. He is very successful with his new video concepts such as the Inna Mi Room and Back Inna Days, developing his remixes in his studio.

In October of that same year, the first volume of a series of EP titled “Digital Lab” will be released, each of which will be composed of titles in collaboration with different MCs.

In 2016, Manudigital will take the road for a world tour to defend his own live-video project. A bold and innovative concept mixing   a live machine with an original video creation. The famous beatmaker does not just play his music live but also projects on screen exclusive images of his collaborations with different singer, which gives an interactive side and allows us to plunge more and more into the universe of ManuDigital.11822494_867237173353081_8255563383002282612_n

Joseph Cotton aka Jah Walton (born Silbert Walton, 1957, St. Ann, Jamaica) is a reggae deejay and singer active since the mid-1970s.
He recorded his first song named “Gourmandizer” with Joe Gibbs in 1976, under the name Jah Walton.
He then moved to Harry Mudie owner of Moodisc label, recording popular tracks such as “Stay a Yard and Praise God”, “Touch Her Where She Want It Most” (the title track from his debut album)

In the mid-1980s he began recording under the name Joseph Cotton, immediately having success and reached N°1 in the United Kingdom charts with “No Touch The Style”, leading to a television appearance on Channel 4’s Club Mixprogramme in 1987.

Several more reggae chart hits followed in the form of “Things Running Slow”, “Pat Ha Fe Cook”, “Tutoring”, “Judge Cotton”, and “What Is This”.

Walton continued to perform and record into the 1990s and 2000s with great labels such as Beverley Records, Education, Belleville International and more.