Reggae artist Kevin Acuña aka Marx Gallo was born 1989 in Norrköping Sweden. Music became a part of his life very early. Reggae was already established as the main genre long before Marx Gallo entered the scene in the small town of Skärblacka were he grew up, mainly because of influences such as the band Kalle Baah. At this time growing up playing music in Skärblacka ment learning reggae and to spend a serious amount of time at the music association called Blacka Musik. It was here Kevin came in touch with other young musicians finding his voice and character that later on would become Marx Gallo. After a couple of years as lead in different roots reggae bands Kevin decided to go solo. He ended up calling himself Marx Gallo and created a constellation of musicians (Hilltown Syndicate) he had worked with through the years to help him produce t

he sound we know today. In 2015 Marx Gallo released an album called Salt and Sweet recorded at One Pop Studio in Kingston Jamaica with Sly Dunbar as executive producer. The following year he managed to release three singles Tivoli Garden togheter with legendary Max Romeo, Likkle by Likkle produced with Hilltown Syndicate (which is the most appreciated release so far) and Bandwagoner. In 2017 the single Common Sense was released and plans for a second album was announced to be recorded at Red Hut studios in Skärblacka. This year 2019 the second album of Marx Gallo “Hard to catch” will come out 30th of march.

Tune it in!

Blessings always