At the beginning of his musical journey, Micah shemaiah promised to deliver great sounds and strong spiritual vibes. This he has fulfilled and continues to shower the earth with powerful reggae vibrations that is well loved across the globe. Shemaiah was born and raised in Kingston City, the original home of Reggae and grew up with the firm, spiritual teachings of Rastafari while a member of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Micah Shemaiah’s spiritually Powerful! Performances, connects people worldwide and secures a ride for all…’on the wings of Jah music’. In the year 2009 Micah Shemaiah released his self-produced debut album ‘RASTAMAN MEDITATION’. This opened doors and revealed his unstoppable talent as musician, song writer, producer and recording artiste.
Shemaiah went on to successfully launch Dread at the Control, and relentlessly worked hard, stayed on his course, releasing a slew of highly anticipated and well received vinyl singles and Albums. Namely… In This Land, Keep on Keeping On, Rude Bwoy Jamaica, Reggae Rockit, Eezy Breezy, Fire Burning, We Know, Dread Act, Radio 1981, Do Right, Rockers Party, Legal, Jah is the Way, Dance and Rocksteady as singles, Original Dread (solo album) and Shalalak (collaborative al

bum). LATEST ALBUM RELEASE!!! Now…9 years later!!! February 16, 2018, Micah Shemaiah releases Roots I Vision. In Shemaiah’s own words….”It’s coming out of my own trodings and the way I foresee the world, in the future. Roots music has been the cornerstone of spirituality in this world, from the time of it’s inception, and though marginalized, and criticised, by the ever changing illusion machine, run by the powers that wish to enslave the earth, I see where, inevitably, more and more people will trod towards a consciousness and awareness of who they are and what they stand for. We will eventually see and experience the interconnections of life and move forward to accomplish one goal one aim one destiny and Righteous Livity”…..Micah Shemaiah. Since it’s release, Roots I Vision has been receiving rave reviews courtesy of Reggaeville, World A Reggae, David Rodigan, Irie Magazine and a host of others who have either bought a copy of the album or received the promo materials. Roots I Vision was produced by Evidence Music out of Switzerland and released on Limited Edition vinyl, LP and on all digital platforms worldwide.