?????Nucleus Roots was established in 1995 by P Lush, one the founder members of Manchester’s popular punky reggae band Community Charge which was hailed at the time as one of the hottest underground acts on the UK circuit.
Nucleus Roots originally performed as a 10 piece band until a chance gig alongside Iration Steppas influenced a change in the line up and dynamics of the group. Due to the lack of available stage space for a 10 piece band, Nucleus Roots realised they could perform as a much smaller outfit and decided to go out as a live studio act. Dub Dadda, a long time friend and MC from Community Charge days, was recruited for his dub mixing abilities. With P Tech’s hypnotic keyboard and synth hooks, P Lush’s heavyweight bass line and Dub Dadda’s live mix, an unbeatable creative partnership was formed that would quickly propel the Nucleus Roots sound through the ranks of the UK Roots and Dub scene.
In 2000 Nucleus Roots released their highly acclaimed debut album Nucleus Roots (aka The Brown Album) which led them to secure a good distribution deal in France. The opportunity to tour extensively across the European continent gave the band wide exposure and an invitation to play their first live show at Glastonbury soon followed.
ossie trevor lush 1
They were voted best up and coming band in 2000 and were regular features for the next five years, culminating in a electrifying  performance on the famed Jazz Stage.
London based Sound System Aba Shanti was instrumental in furthering Nucleus Roots’ notoriety within the sound system culture by being the first major sound to play a Nucleus Roots track at a dance – Don Hartley’s Deep Roots. Interest in Nucleus Roots’ music grew rapidly from then on, with more and more sound systems requesting dub plates and specials, notably the legendary Iration Steppas who brought to the fore tracks like Jah Rule and My King.
trevor roots & plush La clef
Nucleus Roots have collaborated with renowned reggae artists such as Mykal Rose (Black Uhuru), Half Pint, Mark YT, Stikki Tantafari, Zion Train and Ossie Gad.Over a decade later Nucleus Roots are still held with the highest respect within the Reggae and Dub fraternity and continue to tour and excite audiences young and old at home and abroad. With the resurgence of their record label and actively releasing vinyl again, Nucleus Roots look set to continue championing their unique sound that so many fans love and which is so intrinsically part of  Manchester’s reggae scene.