The mirror of Jamaica framed in the metropolitan spirit, the Pulse in Zion traces a furrow roots for more than fifteen years in the hexagon: green for hope, yellow for light and red because everything is not rosy !!!
Their music lives because they put heart in it. In heart, there is rhythm, love, sincerity; a simple definition of PulsaSion’s music in which everything makes sense.
With his latest album “The True Revolution” in 2014, the group has created a surprise by opening a French song in his reggae repertoire. Rich of this new orientation, the team goes out to meet a more varied public.
Led by the hoarse voice of Stéf, PulsaSion takes us into its authentic and conquering atmosphere.
The touching and committed writing delivers a universal message.
Since 2001, PulsaSion is more than 200 concerts and first parties such as I am, Tryo, Winston Mac Anuff or San Severino.
At the crossroads of styles, on stage, PulsaSion knows how to integrate varied trays and is able to “woodstock” any room of the MJC Zenith!

PulsaSion was born in 2001, fruit of a rich musical course. It is at 9 years old that Stéf, singer, songwriter, composer and leader of the project is offered a guitar by his father, himself a musician. The dice are already launched. At 13, he meets the members of the Saîan Supa Crew and learns about beat box, rap and especially lyrics.
At 16, he discovered drums surrounded by Anildo and Fred (Guem, Toure Kunda) and the FreeStyle association (African traditional music).
But it is in Guadeloupe where he meets Kali and the Rasta community that he makes his first real concert and meets Rastafarianism.

Back in Paris, he learns drums and integrates several groups ranging from reggae to salsa through Funk and blues.
Following a second trip to the Caribbean where he fully discovered reggae, he began to write and sing his own lyrics. From his meetings with Manu (Baobab), Pierpoljak, Horsemouth Wallace, Tyrone Downie, Family Man, Winston Mac Anuff, Twinkle Brothers, he receives the encouragement of his peers.
From then on, he set up a band Les Disciples became High and which will become in 2001 Pulsasion, composed of the current Moon Band as well as Faycal (Colocks, Taïro, Mo Kalamity, Neg Marrons). The group has more than 200 concerts and first parties such as those of I Am, Tryo, San Severino, Winston Mac Anuff, Faya Dub, Daara J, Orange Blossom …
This impulse pushes him to record in 2001 a demo then another in 2003 In 2005, he recorded an EP 8 tracks and participated in several compilations (Illicite Prod, Children of Jah, Shanti Disco, Lion Scratch, Elohim Prod …)
In 2007, he produces a vinyl 45t “Dem Try” with a distribution “artisanal In national record stores.
It was not until 2009 that he released his first opus “Stéf & Konga”, album of 13 titles in English in partnership with Believe. A year-long tour follows.
In 2010, PulsaSion launches an acoustic training in parallel of the electrical section and skims all the springboards. The group returned to the studio in 2012 to record “The True Revolution”, an album known for its maturity and openness. Once again, showcases, especially with the Cultura brand, which hosts this new opus in a very enthusiastic way, and which engages in a partnership with the band, concerts and a solo tour in Algeria!
Today, PulsaSion expands its horizons with new musicians and enriches its musical dimension with a repertoire composed of titles in French but also in English. So it is natural that a second album is preparing behind the scenes I would say even in the studio. Case to follow!


Stef  // guitar, vocal lead
Mily Flow  // keyboard and chorus, from pop / variety
Fodé  // percussion, bayafall Senegalese, from a family of griots
Jordan  // lead guitar, from the metal rock scene
Malik  / / bass bassist from Universal Congress, from reggae / roots
DezzyDrum  // drums, from afro beat and
Doudou  // chorist funk , from the jazz scene