Ramjac Corporation is one of UK’s unsung electronic pioneers, known for his voltaic live shows during the acid house explosion, jamming his original flavour of sampled beats live from his Atari and Emulator sampler. Ramjac performed at the now legendary Sunrise, Energy and Back To The Future raves, touring with Orbital, The Shaman and The Irresistible Force.

Best known for his releases on cult record label Irdial Discs, his now highly sought after and much heralded classic “”Cameroon Massif!” EP has become a feature of the more ground-breaking DJs again and was re-issued last summer by Emotional Rescue Recordings, including a never heard before “live” version, now to be followed by further unreleased material from the period, mixed and also being performed live from 8 track reel to reel tape machines.

Ramjac”s rhythmic programming style, weighted by his training with West African and Cuban drummers, led him to work with the likes of Coldcut and Herbie Hancock, Juno Reactor and Ojos de Brujo, Mark Stewart and Asian Dub Foundation. According to ADF’s Dr Das, “What Ramjac does, is show up the relationships between different musics and the routes they have taken. More than a lot of people, Ramjac is the missing link between house, acid house, breakbeat, jungle and dub and percussion based musics.”
Ramjac’s current live reel to reel shows regularly feature long time collaborator Milo Lapis of the 50-50 Sound System, as heard on Resonance 104.4 FM for the past 17 years.