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Ras Charmer, born in the Jamaican capital Kingston as Curt-Chalmar Crutchley, made already its first song experiences in the school. Jointly with some friends, he established a group and stepped in training parties up. At the same time discovered it Rastafari for itself and began to fill – of the almighty inspires – its training notebooks with the first own song texts. Two of these songs, “Togetherness” and “mama”, found in the Label “Togetherness Records” accord. The success did not stay away so was produced, and 1998 a video, that ran in many Caribbean TV stations. Its first album produced it jointly with Sly and Robbie.

Ras Charmer was in many live-shows there, for example in 2000 in the “Sting”, one of the large annual festivals in Jamaica, and in a marathon-show in Savannah, in Trinidad it became as a Newcomer next to superstars as well as Capleton, Luciano, Coco T, Bounty killer and elephant one presented. In an entrance in Negril together with Bushman, Norrisman and looked Uhuru of discovered it some Swiss maker, that were enthused by its Performance to such an extent, that they made itself immediately on that to organize its first Swiss tour. This month-long club-tour was 2001 so successfully that one decided to repeat it in the following year. This time came Ras Charmer for three months into Switzerland, and played concert with the New country volume. Simultaneously it received the album “Rastafar I Fullfillment” with a Raggae-HipHop-Crew.

Meanwhile lives Ras Charmer in Switzerland. He is involved in live-Performances with Phat Promo and the Rasta-Dreigespann Wissie Assassiniation Bobo Ashanty with Cali P. and race Theo. Moreover it stepped redden with the volume vital, gear lord and Scrucialists up. Based on its strong live-presence, invitations to studio productions followed: “minus 8” published wjahcarryusthroughith it the Maxi “fine & formed”. Andrew Robinson, singer the volume vital redden, took was published with it together the comboes nation-done “Jah is my strength” up, this in Jamaica in “Interruptor Music/Sonic Sounds”. Its sold out album “Rastafari Fulfillment” (end 2003) developed from to a large degree in collaboration with maker the Swiss hiply-Hop and Reggaeszene. Over a friend, the album found its way into the radio-stations-south-Africa where it arrived so well, that in November 2004 followed an invitation for a three-week South Africa-tour. 2005 produced played Ras Charmer two trickily with the Label “Megga Force Releases Eivissa”. In the same year, it was invited to the Release party after Ibiza. With “Megga Force”, the album “Jah Carry Us Through” emerged 2006. Produced it became in four different countries: Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Jamaica. Subsequently the video was turned in Jamaica to the song “stress Free”.

In its current album “Jah Carry Us Through” sets Ras Charmer on the traditional roots the Raggae, it sings over subjects and problems the daily life, its lyrical texts speak the consciousness a young generation on. Just they can identify itself with its statements. The album reflects its dear to the music whereby it does not try to follow a certain genre: different music styles flow on, without that the actual message is lost out of the eyes: “Jah Carry Us Through.”