Ras Pilot


On April 15th, Everard Sealy came into the world, his home town boasts of splendid beaches and beautiful countryside. Mayaro, is situated South – East of Trinidad and is where he spent the first 5 years of his life.

1440554250-1At 5 years old, Everard left Mayaro along with his gradmother, brothers and sisters to settle in Prizgarland, Laventille where he went to school and grew up. He attended church regularly and was a part of Sunday school, his musical influences at that time was uplifting and motivational songs which unknowingly was the foundation for his music career.

On becoming and adult Everard, at this time he resided in Chaguanas. He went on to become a business man opening his clothing store “Brands Galore”. Other than the music he also enjoys the outdoors. Everard loves travelling, fishing, swimming, of course dancing and even laughing (Haa haa) and nothing can beat his love for singing and the music. As he often quotes, “Music is Universal”.

Everard who have been singing Calypso/Soca and Reggae in his early years was influenced by Calypso icons such as; The Mighty Sparrow and Shadow even Machel Montano. In the area of reggae he drew inspiration from Peter Tosh, Burning Spear, Culture and of course Bob Marley,he had a deep love for Bob’s song, “Jah Live”. All this time Everard being friends, with Ken Marlon Charles a.k.a. KMC, often doing music with him which in turn helped him strengthen his craft, stage performance and over all persona. All the while he stood his ground and believed that The Most High shall always be there for him and would see him through the many trials and tribulations he faced and would encounter in his life. His dream was to be an accomplished artiste and even become an ambassador of Trinidad and Tobago through his music, to achive his goal Everard kept his faith strong and never gave up.

His break came in the year 2000, when he sang a soca track with one of Trinidad’s top artist/producer and friend KMC. The song “Know Me Now” was recorded on the Voodoo Riddim. He got the name ‘Pilot’ due to the fact that he often travelled because of his business. KMC saw that to be a fitting name and thus Everard was now known as ‘Pilot’.

A hit song was then release; ‘Hold That Man’ that was done on the Party Alliance Riddim which he imitated Shadow’s voice and fooled the world. This made Pilot a force to be reconkoned with, making his mark as a performer by sharing the stage both locally and internationally performing alongside other artsite such as Machel Montano, KMC, Bunji Garlin, Crazy, Maximus, Denise Belfon, Silent Star and on the international front, artiste such as Tanya Stephens, Richie Spice, Spana Bana, Rupee, and Talprie, just naming a few.1440554102

In 2004, Pilot performed at the Elite Ark in Brooklyn New York for Brass and Glow fete alongside KMC, Denise Belfon, and Rupee. He even performed at KC’s Hideaway in New York, with Bunji Garlin, Naya and Iwer George.

Then in 2005, Pilot changed musically. He evolved as an artiste and went into a spiritual level, this lead him to conscious reggae. He even explains this change, he said, “Reggae music brings across a spiritual aspect to me which I really enjoy, whilst calypso touches the cultural side of things; but when I’m in a party mood, I love to hear my sweet sweet soca music”. Due to this he was to be known as ‘Ras Pilot’.

Also in 2005, he released his first album ‘Airborne’. This album could be described as Lovers Rock, Hard-core Conscious Reggae. ‘Airborne’, contained 20 tracks all written by Ras Pilot, and was produced by Studio 53, Corosive Studios, Code Red Studio, Finland House, Holy House Production and Tuff Nut Studios. From this album he made 3 videos, ‘One Night Stand’, ‘Seach For Jah’, and ‘Road Block’

Two years later in 2007, his second album was born, ‘Take Off’. This 17 track album was more of consious reggae music, with most popular song being ‘Rich Man Lost’. It is about someone who has lost all their faith in The Higher Being. ‘Take Off’ was produced by Danger Mental Studios in N.Y., Super Sonic Sound from Germany, Holy House Productions and OS Entertainment from Trinidad and Tobgo.

With the months just rolling by in 2010, Ras Pilot goal is to continue working on his 3rd album and continue to spread the words, wisdom and teachings of The Most High to all masses of the world through his lyrical message and gather all people of the earth for the coming of The King and Most High Jah through his music….

Then the long awaited and highly anticipated ‘4 Corners’ Album was finally completed. Songs such as ‘Secret Love Affair’,’Most Dangerous’, and ‘Wounded Lion’ was recorded on the ‘Zip Riddim’ coming out of Holy House Procudtions. According to Ras Pilot, “this new Zip Riddim, can be described as having an R.Kelly experience”, with Ras Pilot’s ‘Secret Love Affair’ being a perfect example as this track can be described as a cross between Lovers Rock and Reggae.

In 2014 Ras Pilot was given the opportunity to blaze the microphones again, with his 2014/2015 album ‘Keep The Faith’, and with nothing different from his past musical exprencies Ras Pilot set out to achieve the same measure of success with this new 16- track collection. This new album was produced, mixed and mastered in Holland by a well-known producer in Europe, simply referred to as Mr Speakah/ Speakah Productions. This album has also picked up for him a distrubution deal with Heat of the Tropics Music Group Label. This label was responsible for taking ‘Marlon Asher’s’ song “Ganja Farmer”, from being a local hit single to the phenomenal sucess it brought ‘Asher’ on the global arena. Ras Pilot has also been signed to the Yard Booking Agency which will embark upon an aggressive promotional campaign that will see the artiste performing in major music festivals and other events throughout Europe.

‘Keep The Faith’ album can be purchased online via itunes, amazon, and zojack worldwide. On this album there are tracks like ‘Red’, a song about adjusting one’s way of thinking, awareness and behavior in times of heightened seriousness as we are experiencing now. ‘Badness Gone’, is for the youths to start living in love and unity and stop all the violence and hatred towards each other.When you listen to enough Roots Reggae music, you know that the genre is the single greatest source of ganja songs that exists in music. We always refer to such tunes as ‘essential’ when they appear on albums and riddims, in this case Ras Pilot takes things further 3 times over and gives you a full quartet of them in ‘Blaze It Up’, ‘Just A Little Herb’, ‘Three Pounds’, and ‘Generation Weed’.

Touching further on this album are tracks like ‘Sweet Paradise ‘ a song with it’s simplicity is ‘Candy’ to your ears and will grow on you. Another beautiful piece ‘She Deserves Me’ is a song about a woman ‘standing by her man’ through good and bad times and for Ras Pilot this is a sign that she deserves and wants to be in the relationship no matter what they endure together. Next up is the song the album was named after, ‘Keep The Faith’, is such an appetizing selection along with the substantial message it carries, this track which both feeds and entertains the mind is one to surly not miss.

1440554121‘Smooth Road’ and ‘Mr. Man’ carry the burden of chasing that giant tune and they both do it in unusal ways, these pieces are vibrant and has something different about them. they both make way for an even more remarkable piece in the form of ‘Fire Bun’, which features elements of Ras Pilot, basically, doing a spoken word style. It is FANTASTIC to hear and definitely provides the album with a bit of colour and a changeup.

And with any great performance, ‘Keep The Faith’ reaches its end with ‘Punchline”. Billed as a ‘bonus track’, this song on the album is one of the brightest tracks on here. Veteran Ras Pilot, along with Speakah Productions turn in big results together on ‘KeepThe Faith’, an album which figures to bring more DESERVED attention to both.

Ras Pilot is currently working on his 5th album which will be blazing up the airwaves soon.