Reggae Choir is an ensemble, open to everyone. You need no experience but the joy of singing. Most of us like to sing (whether we admit to it in public or not). That’s why we sing in the shower, around the house, karaoke nights, chanting in the football stands etc. It makes us feel good and anyone can do it!In the Reggae Choir you’ll learn basic singing principles (breathing & vocal techniques, breath control, warm-up exercises, projection, range, flexibility, tonal development, intonation, diction, 3-4part harmonies, vocal blending, confidence in delivery & presentation). All of which is done within a fun and creative environment.


We cover many sub genres of Reggae Music such as; Pop Reggae, Two Tone, Rock Steady, Ska, Classic Reggae, Lovers Rock. We even tackle ‘Reggified’ songs. That is well known pop songs given a reggae twist. Imagine singing Amy Winehouse’s ‘Valerie’ with a thumping bass line.

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We are based at Stratford Circus in the heart of the Olympic East End.

Venue:         Stratford Circus, Every Wednesday 7-9pm

Address:      Theatre Square, Stratford, E15 1BX

Phone:         07947 409001