Rubera Roots Band is based on the concept of active search of Rastafari experience, which through the roots music – reggae roots – sharing a natural manifest Creole and African culture. The band brings a message of militancy and demand always bring a Africanist and African ancestry message. The band was born in 2013 in the meeting and sharing of musicians who have made and are part of other musical projects, always within the roots reggae shed. Rubera Roots Band want to share a positive and spiritual vibration through his music, a manifest that is being very well accepted by the massive Portuguese and African, with tunes such as Militanti Roots and Jah Rastafari.

The proposed goal is to touch the conscience and the spirit of universal man for an awakening for positive experiences based on common values of human universality as love, justice, equality, solidarity, respect. Rubera Roots Band presents to the massive roots reggae all spread around the world their debut album “Militancy Rastafari”, an album with 10 tracks, bringing a message of militancy, of consciousness, and vibration and reflection in a positive frequency, which together with the sound proposes a reunion with the most African roots. Album was entirely recorded and mixed in studios Rubera Records by Ras M & Ras Kamarada, and the honorable collaboration of Dodas Spencer, mastered at Macles Music Factory and co-produced by Cassey Hermit.

The album included the participation of Rodrigo Bispo and Luis Pena on trombone and trumpet respectively adding a strong energy and vibration in themes Militanti Roots and Konsiensia. The album also features a guest appearance, Tuff Lion of the Virgin Islands in Larga Tudu bu ben, with the harmonies and a Amazing electric guitar solo bringing more positive energy, more love and Spirituality in the album.
Rubera Roots band is a matter of great honor and privilege respect and love and humility in Live.