Rusty Rebel from Rebel Rock Sound system is a female selector with her own full sound system. Probably the 1st female operated sound system in the UK. Rebel Rock is her portable radio for her musical voice to be heard clearly. The sound system was launched in Birmingham April 2014. Prior to that she has been playing all types of music on radio from a very early age, stations such as PCRL and Metro radio back in the 1980’s, Kriss FM and Jam Radio to present day. Music is an extension of her nature and personality. Her musical experience, taste and genres are vast, and has been playing dance hall and roots reggae as her specialism to large crowds. She has such a strong love for reggae dub culture and roots music that she started sneaking into dance halls at a very early age, and was bitten by that musical bug and it has been a massive part of her life ever since.

Rusty quotes below

“Playing sound system was a natural progression of the equipment I used along my musical journey and experimenting with different equipment, helped me to find the “sound” that I love… “

“What is really uplifting is the support and appreciation of those near and far who like my selections and presentation, which really encourages me and gives me the most pleasure to carry on … Rebel Rock to the world …..“

One Love

Rusty Rebel Representing Rebel Rock Sound System

Please see the attached youtube link, which is from a show at the Angers Dub Club May 2016 in France where she was a featured artist. She killed it !!!!