Salutation Dub Collective10995942_941506435873252_6151985247487700958_o

Spawned early in 2013, this ten-headed beast emerged and stormed Manchester with a potent energy…

With grooves so deep you’ll be stuck in them for weeks, horns that inject heavy11037561_945669642123598_196757648222653223_n doses of soul, and richly layered guitars and keys, we create a sonic landscape that ringleader and frontman Dave McCarthy uses to preach the twisted gospel of Salutation Dub Collective.

Transcending genre, we swing from soul to psyched1524290_946521228705106_3310830814000392323_o elia, disco to dub, all the while retaining a sound that is unmistakably rooted in a desire to keep our music raw and our crowd baying for more.

Being regular favourites at Manchester’s hotbed of creativity Antwerp Mansion, we also play house parties, clubs, bars, and festivals, including 2014’s Kendal Calling & 2015’s Balter Festival.

Peace, love and salutations x

“Formidable, whiskey-laced, bluesy vocals Tina Turner would be proud of and tight reggae-jazz-funk arrangements from the instrumentalists in the outfit.” – M20 Collective

Salutation Dub & Funky Town: