I am a female reggae artist b1800204_231103667081004_821950685_nased in London with years of playing with my Reggae band here and abroad. Please see my bio below and please consider me as one of the acts on One Love Festival 2017. Many thanks.  

 Shelly Ravid is no stranger to the Reggae scene having played in Reggae bands since the age of 13. 

With roots in the Middle East & Sweden you might expect something completely different but Shellys music celebrates Caribbean vibes and political story telling combined with hard hitting and thought provoking lyrics. The debut EP ‘Let Them Know’ speaks of topics such as Racism, Domestic Violence and Masculinity and aims to empower the listener.11960110_423887887802580_6953374303430497811_n 

Last year Shelly teamed up with critically acclaimed Dub producer Indica Dubs and toured Italy, France and Belgium, where they did a warm up act for Channel One Sound System. Apart from gigging with her own band she also did backing vocals for major reggae artists like Earl Sixteen and a guest appearance on one of his songs at One Love Festival 2015.

10420234_358315657693137_7750871357750591253_nShe is currently working on a project with Jamaican producer Alberto Blackwood and legendary duo Sly & Robbie.

”This EP is part of a lineage of female musicians who have followed their own path, and had success doing their own thing. I hope this EP has wide exposure and helps Shelly’s music gets the appreciation it deserves. Shelly has something to say and we should listen” – Reggae Roots Review


”The four tracks are hardcore in nature, production-wise and lyrically hard hitting.” – Death Kiss Media


”Shelly’s debut EP speaks about heavy topics such as racism and domestic violence in a brilliant way, while making us dream about the caribbean.” – HYMN



Airplays so far:

Snatch Radio UK

Way Out Radio

The Vibe 107.6 / Raw Vibes

Sound systems so far:

Jam Jah Sound System / Friendly Fire Music

Culture Dub Sound System