Starz and Deeza, an unforgettable duo with the ability to hold any crowd! Their unique combos and complex lyrics give these two the versatility and the edge to keep the new generation of drum and bass firing!

Having been in collaboration since 2008, they have firmly put their stamp on the dnb industy by promoting one-of-a-kind style, making their collaboration different to other artists in the scene. Well known for their mixtapes ‘Sinister Projects’ volume 1 with award winning Dj Lady V Dubz and volume 2 with Dj Jayline, Starz & Deeza always create something unique within their mixtapes, more recently releasing ‘Beat4Beat Bar4Bar’, a one-of-a-kind mix mixed and voiced by themselves.

In 2013 they built ‘The Bar Booth’ studio and have been hard at work in there ever since. Collaborating with producers such as award winning Dj Blackley, Mr.Quiet and Sym-on and Rowney to name but a few.

With hundreds of bookings under their belt, they know how to put on an outstanding and memorable performance. They have been on some of the biggest drum n bass radio stations the UK has to offer, including the award winning ‘Kool FM’ and ‘Rough Tempo’, ‘Pyro Radio’, ‘Origin FM’ and Grime and Garage station ‘Deja Vu Fm’.

Having played across the country at such events as Nass Festival, Notting Hill Carnival, Innovation, Breakin Science, Bar Rage, Ic3 Genres, Sticky and landing themselves residencies with Random Concept and Next Hype, they are now breaking in the international market, so far covering places such as Germany, Spain, Belgium and France.

This pair come with a fresh approach towards Drum n Bass, with a mixture of bubbling flows, energetic delivery and a unique female male tag team performance.