The roots of SÜMETRIX are anchored amidst the majestic Swiss alpine landscapes and crystal-clear mountain lakes.

When the band was founded in 2010, the sounds were even more hip-hop oriented. But over time, SÜMETRIX Swiss Reggae Music has grown into a 7-member reggae family.

2019 is the band with the brand new program live on tor again. The repertoire which consists of mostly English but also Swiss German songs consists of almost exclusively self-written compositions. Except for two cover songs, which are reinterpreted according to SÜMETRIX reggae style.

What sets SÜMETRIX apart is the powerfull reggae, ska, funk sound of the band, consisting of a bassist, two guitarists, one keyboarder and a drummer.

The Wild musiciana lead by the great and scratchy voice of the lead singer. The gentlemans are accompanied by a great and beautyful female background singer.

Further Information about the Band you will find on our website