sddefaultIt is said that a burning desire and impervious faith provides the primary conduit to all worthwhile accomplishments, and there are no exceptions when it comes to Natassia Vousden, born September 24, 1989, sporting the appellation Tasonia, who’s love for music have pervaded her childhood ambitions and aspirations. Working diligently to perfect and hone her own unique sound, having grown up within a family of strong musical background, Tasonia have been meticulous in earnestly creating her own idiosyncratic arpeggios of melodic singing and witty lyrical deejaying.

A pivotal turning point in Tasonia’s journey, would see high school playing a quinessential role in gradually molding her into the artist that she has become today. There is a divergent feeling that can lead to excessive modesty or likewise a counter feeling of empowerment, when you are constantly wining in any competition that you have entered; however, the latter has been the impelling reason behind Tasonia’s direction, as she have always won all singing competition that she entered whilst in school and this have helped to bolster her confidence, determination and drive, even more so in her abilities and childhood passion for music. Growing up and being around top reggae acts, such as Culture and Jazz guitarist & composer Ernest Ranglin, Tasonia would, only in hindsight see these zeitgeist moments of cultural maxima and minima points helping to shape her musical landscape sonically.

maxresdefaultOver the years Tasonia’s talents have developed exponentially to the extent where she have been poised to gracefully exploit the opportunities offered to her, for instance working with the prolific and Grammy Award winning producer, Jazzwad and reggae established duo musicians Mafia & Fluxy. On her most recent EP, Tasonia debut single ‘Bill’, a tacit allusion to the travails of everyday socio-economic life, has won her the participation of Peckings Records producer Chris Peckings. The renowned UK based reggae label, Stingray Records have also produced multiple songs for Tasonia, such as: ‘Stand firm’ and ‘Another one’, which have helped to solidify her stake in reggae music and to enamour her sound in the hearts and minds of her listeners. In the impending years from 2000 leading to up to 2015, Tasonia would find herself gracing the stage with some of the seasoned Dancehall and Reggae acts, more commonly known as: Adonia, Spragga Benz, Munga Honorable, Little Hero, Kiprich, Taurus Riley, Buju Banton, Beres Hammond, Romain Virgo… Particularly, in October 2012, Tasonia got the opportunity to perform in the Wembley arena as opening act for Beres Hammond, Romain Virgo and Taurus Riley, which gave her the platform to rivet home her engrossing and enthralling syncopating sound to this large audience.

Currently working with the Soul Rebel Band and established musical veteran, Valerie Vybz, Tasonia has been up-and-down the country promoting her new EP: Expedition, propelled by a muscial expedition to share her story and the story of countless others through her music. When a person finally understand something, which seemed way beyond their comprehension a few days or weeks prior, it is not a change in the information that have taken place, as the information have remained relatively static; however, it is a new awakening taking place in the heart, soul and mind of that person, and it is this impact that Tasonia is set to convey on the heart, soul and mind of her listeners, where her music may be that new fountain for a refreshing and rejuvenating life.