The Bush Chemists are a British dub reggae group.

Culture freeman paul Davey dougie wardrop formed The Bush Chemists in 1993 as a side-project to his other band Centry.He had run a record stall in Camden Market since 1988, . He began creating his own dub tracks using a 4-track recorder in 1989, setting up his own Conscious Sounds label shortly afterwards.His main collaborator is Paul Davey,and they have worked regularly with singers including Kenny Knots and Culture Freeman. The debut album Dubs from Zion Valley was a collaboration with Jonah Dan, released in 1994, and their first US release was Dub Outernational, recorded in Wardrop’s attic studio,and released in 1996 on ROIR.The band mix traditional reggae with digital dub.Albums followed regularly through the late 1990s and early 2000s, i

ncluding 2005’s Raw Raw Dub, also released on ROIR.> Still going strong since 1989 up to now 2017