The Dandadda

The tragedies and the wars, the laughter and the applause. The heroes and the villains, the poor amongst the billions. Join the movement.

“Brixton’s exciting new culture clash, The Dandadda, is a compelling mix of genres created by producer Dan Vinci, incorporating a movement of musicians, dancers and artists. The concept launches with a gripping debut release of “Heart Attack” on 26th November 2016, first shot in 2013 and inspired by the hyper-gentrification of the area. Dan Vinci, growing up in the culturally diverse Brixton, experienced times of high crime and social unrest but also misrepresentation, which led him to musically form what he calls a ‘positive rebellion’. Dan Vinci has worked with a multitude of artists across different styles, from Skream and Basement Jaxx to Jessie Ware and Tinchy Stryder. Combining his passion for different genres and world culture, Dan Vinci has attracted top Jamaican artists into the fold, crafting a reggae-tinted message of unity, peace and tribalism. Critics are calling it “A contemporary combination of different soundscapes” (Wall of Sound – Mark Jones).

Born and raised in Brixton, Dan Vinci became drawn to the Rastafarian c

ulture at a young age when an elderly Rasta man saved his life from a random knifepoi

nt attack. Since then, Dan Vinci gravitated towards the lifestyle and started working with reggae musicians from early in his career. Becoming a notable force in Brixton’s vibrant music scene and street parties, Dan Vinci has also involved big names in the project, such as Horace Andy (Massive Attack), Earl 16 (UB40), Junior Dan (Gorillaz), John Holt and The Ragga Twins (Skrillex). The result is exciting. The Dandadda music highlights Brixton’s vibrant culture-­clash, living and breathing the experiences of the area’s rapid social change – it is energetic, eclectic, and highly vivid.”
The Heart Attack single launch show at the Windmill Brixton (3rd best London Music Venue

 by Timeout) was sold out and The Dandadda is set to break boundaries in music and on festival stages worldwide with its powerful message of unity, peace and culture. The launch night included tribal dancers and psychedelic visuals created by Nick Savy (Gorillaz, David Guetta)­ and was an experience not to be missed.

“Fusing the very best of energies with an eclectic sound, I’m completely and utterly enthralled”
– Alya Mooro, The Telegraph
“The Dandadda is a wicked fusion of different genres & styles. A perfect example of how to break down musical boundaries & really innovate when it comes to live shows. Their stage performance really is one of a kind”
– BBC Radio 1xtra, DJ Dubl

“The Dandadda is so exciting, I can’t wait to see it live!”- Jessie Ware

“Great record, huge sound, massive potential. I cannot wait to see these guys live. Sounds like it could be one of the most perfect festival acts ever”– Eddy Temple-Morris (Radio DJ)