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The Maitree Express are a new, 7 piece band from Bath, UK. Their unique and soulful sound incorporates flavours of reggae, dub, ska, drum & bass, swing, funk, hip hop and bouncy vibes that are guaranteed to get you moving. Since they formed in Dec 2014 they immediately started to record new song ideas as they instantly felt they had something special. These songs we re recorded to put onto their first EP named “building steam”. The EP was hand crafted purely by the band themselves, they wrote, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered the whole EP and once it was ready they held their EP launch as their first gig which was a sell-out performance. Since the EP launch on June the 5th 2015 the band have had relentless back to back bookings and have played all over Bath and the south west to thousands of people as well as headlining events for Greenpeace, Oxfam and playing main stages on Bath’s biggest annual events. They now already have festival bookings for 2016 such as Kaya and Afrofest as well as European bookings in France & Spain which is testament itself to how well the band have been received in such a short time. The band’s sound and vibe is a broad and unique one which does not focus on one distinct style but instead draws inspiration from the genres they love whilst giving each track a hand crafted Maitree feel focussing on having fun, positive vibes and connection with the The band combines the sweet, soft melodies from singer Jo with the lyrical flow of Justin to create an even balance of singing and rapping. Backing the vocalists are a team of dedicated musicians each with their own positive impact on the band’s sound.

The combination of the lead guitar, bass, keys and saxophone bring the structure of the songs to life whilst the drums and percussion add a solid rhythm. The FX are left to the innovative use of a previously unseen Electrobone, Sample pads, electronic drums and various FX to bind soundscapes you’d usually find in reggae and dub into a regular band set up which then creates The Maitree Express. These guys are certainly one to watch so head over to their website,