In May 2012 –

Started out as a two man project with Andy & Russ wanting to create their very own take on the dub reggae genre. Playing all the instruments themselves they released on Biscuit Thief ReChords, “Dub is thicker than water”

In 2013, Wanting to branch as a live act the pair recruited a full band and began rehearsing.

Over the next year the line up changed, members left and others were added.

As the band were shaping up as a live act Russ & Andy set about recording their first album, “Over-ruled” Released June 2014

Deciding on a more structural and song writing approach and this time around calling upon the talents of Jim White on Harmonica/Trombone, Matt Fullagar on Organ/Melodica and Ryan on lead guitar. With Heather taking up the live drums.

The highlight of album culminating in the anti racist protest song “Jah-rusalem”

Finally the last piece of the puzzle came when we added the 7th member of the band, the engineer Ash.

With new recordings on the way we are finally creating a live experience of Genre jumping, Melodically tuneful mixture of top musician ship with a massive love for reggae.

Looking forward to bringing our brand  dub reggae to the masses